A Baby Horse Was Being Swept Away Down A River Until A Stallion Steps In To Save The Day [VIDEO]

May 22, 2017

 There are around 70,000 wild horses running free in the United States today. I've always had a dream to go and see wild horses in action. I just learned that these wild horses are actually called “feral” horses. They are related to Spanish horses and live in states like Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, and Wyoming.

Here is an amazing story about one herd of these feral horses.

A family of wild horses is called a herd. A herd consists of a stallion, mares, and their offspring. And in this herd the stallion's name is Champ.

One day Champ and his herd were drinking at the Salt River in Tonto National Forest in Arizona.  Another herd came down to drink on the opposite side of the river. In the herd was two young colts, and as children do, they started "horsing" around in the river. Intrigued by the other herd, a few of the horses start to cross the river including a young filly.

As they cross, the filly appears to go under and rises up out of the water in a panic. Her father rises to the occasion and steps in to save his daughter. He guides her back to shore and doesn't let her go until she is safe.

Watch the video below:

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