A Cheap And Easy Blackhead Removal Using Just Three Simple Ingredients And A Toothbrush

August 30, 2017

Beautiful clear skin is every girl’s dream. When unwanted pimples or blackheads take over our face, many of us girls go into a state of panic or start feeling like the ugly duckling. It’s a constant struggle and a complete pain to rid ourselves of these awful blackheads. This straightforward tutorial is an ideal solution that will make your extractions more effortless and leave you with clean, fresh skin.


First, start by cleansing your entire face with your day-to-day face cleanser. Avoiding the eyes, apply a damp, warm washcloth on the areas of your skin that are prone to blackheads. For many of us, our most affected areas will be the T-zone, forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. Prepare a mask with three simple ingredients. This easy process will help open your pores and lift any unwanted blackheads. You will need the following ingredients in order to create the amazing mask:

1 tsp filtered water
1 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp toothpaste

Mix the ingredients and apply a small amount to your nose or any other area on your face where blackheads are prominent. Once you’ve applied the mask, you will take a toothbrush and, in small circular motions, gently go over the areas of your face where you’ve applied the three ingredients. Once you’ve gone over your face several times, quickly take a warm wash cloth and remove the mask. Follow this process by applying a gentle cleanser to your overall face, along with another warm wash cloth. This will keep your facial pores open and ready for the final extractions.


When you’re ready to extract, they recommend wrapping a towel around your fingers while you squeeze the final remaining blackheads. Avoid using your finger; this will prevent spreading any bacteria from your nails to your freshly cleansed skin.  After all the extracting is complete, you’ll want to restore your skin with one last step: a lightweight moisturizer.  It’s that easy!       

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