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A Couple's Gender Reveal Fails. How They Respond Is A Must-See!

September 27, 2017

A gender reveal is one of those memorable times in a couple's lives, one that they will cherish forever. It's a rather exciting event for many moms, dads, families, and close friends, as they find out if the pitter-patter of little feet is going to belong to a little girl or little boy. As most couples start planning a way to reveal the gender of their baby, they try doing it in a way that is unique and very memorable for not only themselves but everyone who attends the gender-reveal party. They just want it to be a surprise and one they can file in their memory banks as a success.

Standing outside on the back patio, surrounded by family and friends, this adorable couple is eagerly waiting to discover the sex of their baby. With a large cardboard box hanging from the balcony above, and a string dangling next to their side, the mom pulls ever-so-slightly. To everyone's dismay, the string snaps, leaving everyone in stitches, yet still wondering what the good news is. The dad decides he's going to try pulling the last remaining string, but this time a bit harder. To everyone's amazement, his string detaches completely, which leads to the couple and audience laughing hysterically.

The dad, at this point impatient for the final results, reaches up (no string attached this time) and opens the box flap by hand. To everyone's delight, the box is full of all things pink: balloons, glitter, and a baby doll. They're having a girl! The mom is over-the-moon with excitement and immediately throws herself into her husband's arms. Their elation is so cute. Watching the event unfold, you can't help but be excited for the two of them. It's a must-see gender reveal!

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