A Man Forced His Weak Donkey Into A Cage With A Starving Wolf. What The Donkey Did Sent Shockwaves Around The World

August 03, 2017

In a small village in Albania, an unlikely bond was forged in a situation straight from hell. A man captured a wild wolf, and made the decision not to release it back into the wild far from the village. Instead, he chose to keep it in a small cage where he neglected the poor terrified wolf.

When the time came for the villager to feed the wolf, he decided to do something truly horrific. The villager owned an elderly donkey who was weak and frail in his old age. He believed that this would be a great way to get rid of his problem donkey and feed the wolf. However, when he placed the donkey inside of the cage, no one could have expected what the starving wolf would do next.

Instead of the bloodbath the villager had anticipated, the donkey and the wolf formed a friendship. The two huddled together in the corner of the cage, and word of their friendship spread rapidly around the world. Letters and petitions poured in to the Albanian Government asking for their release. The government stepped in, and the wolf was released back into the wild. The donkey was retired safely and is being allowed to live out their days in green pastures.

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