A Mother’s Day Photoshoot Takes A Turn When This Young Man Pops The Most Surprising Question To His Girlfriend

July 17, 2017

Love is a wonderful thing. One of the things that I’ve always dreamt about was falling in love and marrying the man of my dreams. From the time I was a little girl, I would imagine the day that I’d meet my perfect someone. I did all of the girly things like playing dress up in my mom’s dress, to writing my first name with his last. And like many girls, celebrating the love of others has always brought me tremendous joy.

Anjel and Matt’s love story has turned into one of my favorites. Anjel works for All Cute All The Time and was given a chance to share this story in person. And let me tell you- it’s a GOOD ONE! As a couple who met a church retreat years ago, their story began simply with a handshake. He was tall, talented, and hilarious- all the things that she happened to love. Anjel left the retreat that weekend knowing that she had just met her future husband.

She shared, “Going back to reality was hard since I was constantly distracted by thinking about him. Months passed and each time I saw him, the butterflies returned. After about nine months of crushing on him, I decided to talk to him. Smiles from across the room turned into small talk, and small talk turned into long walks, and long walks turned into dinner dates and day trips.” She said that there were people that thought she was silly for thinking that she had really met her future husband, but anytime someone would give her grief, she would smile and say, “You just wait.”

Anjel claimed that there was never a question in her mind that she would end up with Matt. She confidently loved him from day one and let herself get wrapped up in her dreams becoming her new reality. More often than not, Anjel would be found practicing her name with his day dreaming about Matt. It was always so sweet!

After two and half years of laughing their way through dating, they became each other’s best friends. As our third summer together approached, Matt had an idea that no one ever saw coming. And with the help of his friends and family, he planned the most surprising and beautiful surprises for Anjel.

After being told to prepare for a Mother’s Day photo shoot in the park, Anjel and Matt were posing in front of the camera for their couple’s photo. The day was perfect in every way, and as a small breeze came in (almost as if on cue), Anjel’s hair blew in front of her face. Matt’s sister walked over to fix her hair, and as she did, she passed off one very special gift...

Without a clue in the world, Anjel stood by her best friend who was now holding something that was sure to cause a shock in Anjel’s world. The photographer switched to video mode on her camera and just in time for Matt to turn to Anjel and ask one very special questions. Check out the video below and fair warning, you might want to grab some tissues.

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