Meet Quinn And Gray : Two Great Dane Brothers With Disabilities Who Get Adopted By A Special Needs Teacher

July 10, 2017

 It takes a special person and a heart of gold to be a special needs teacher. These teachers not only are teaching academics but a lot of the time they are teaching behaviors and caring for a child's EVERY need. I have a friend who is a special needs teacher, though her job is very demanding it is equally as rewarding.

But for one school teacher in Schwenksville, PA working with special needs kids just was not enough.  She now has two special needs "kids" of her own. They may not be human but she takes care of them like her own flesh and blood. Meet Quinn and Gray... brothers born to backyard breeders. Their mother was bred to her full brother and the result was these beautiful boys. 

Alicia Fox and her husband are the proud owners of the two Great Danes. She said, "I applied to adopt a Great Dane puppy from a rescue, so me and my husband picked him out and when we met Quinn for the first time he was normal. There was no indication that anything was wrong with him, whatsoever. As Quinn got older he struggled to walk and needed a best friend to help him out. So we decided to adopt his brother, Gray."

Fox said that out of the ten puppies in their litter four developed hind end weakness. Three of the four have learned to walk, leaving Quinn as the only sibling still unable to walk. The boys receive regular therapies through Whole Animal Gym in Phylidaphia. A close friend also gives the dogs massages and cold laser treatments. Because of those treatments, Gray is up walking, running, and thriving. 

As for Quinn, with the help of acupuncture and physical therapy he is now able to stand for 4 minutes straight all by himself.  He is on the road to learning how to walk with the help of custom cart. Alicia has started a Go Fund Me page to help with the cost of his custom cart that will change Quinn's life.

For more video's and pictures of Quinn and his brother Gray, check out this quinns_story Instagram account. You can stay updated with these two brothers and for more information on how to help check out Alicia and donated to get Quinn on his feet. Watch the video below:

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