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Abandoned Baby Deer Is Adopted By Unlikely Mother

May 03, 2017


Isobel Springett was out for a walk outside of her home in British Columbia, when she spotted a doe with her young fawn. She didn't think much of it at the time because that was a normal sight to see on Vancouver Island. 


The Next day Isobel saw the pair again and the mom ran off leaving the baby hiding in the grass. The day after that, Isobel heard a strange cry coming from the grass and was unsure what it was, she went to investigate and found the young fawn without her mother. 


Isobel waited three days for the young deer's mother to return, but she never did. That is when Isobel brought the poor abandoned baby into her house and set her on her dog's bed. Kate, a Great Dane instantly fell in love with the fawn, who Isobel has named Pippin or Pip for short. 


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