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Abandoned Puppy Was Left On The Scalding Hot Ground. Luckily, Rescuers Stepped In To Save Her

February 19, 2018

America is a tiny little Scottish Terrier puppy whose young life has already faced tons of horror and loneliness. No one is sure how America ended up alone on the streets, but we’re glad that it is over. Thanks to kind samaritans and Hope For Paws Rescue, she wasn’t on her own very long.

When rescuers answered the phone call to come pick up America, they knew that they needed to get out there as fast as they could. It was a hot day, and the asphalt on the ground was even hotter. She’d taken shelter under a nearby vehicle, hiding in the shade from the pounding sun.

With the help of the good samaritans, they were able to quickly surround the vehicle with plastic fencing. Unfortunately, the fencing was a little too small but they had a net on hand and were able to block it completely.

As they settled onto the scorching ground, they tried to move quickly, knowing that if it was burning themselves it was surely burning America. They tried to snag her with the gentle leader, but because of the angle it was very hard for them to do, and they only managed to snag her hind legs.

America never fought them and seemed to understand that they were there to help. When they managed to scoop her up into their arms, she seemed quite relieved that she no longer had to try and survive on her own.

After making sure that she had no microchip and that she got all the medical care she needed. They also gave her a bath, what was most likely her very first bath. From there, America was able to go on to a loving foster home where she lives while waiting for her perfect forever home. Her future is sure to be full of love and play.