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Teen, 19, Reveals The Torture She Endured While Being Held Captive In Shipping Container For 9 Months- Now, Her Bravery Is Shaking The World

September 05, 2018

In 2013, Abigail Hernandez disappeared during her walk home from school. She was only 13 years old.

Abigail vanished from the town of Conway, New Hampshire on October 9th. Fearing for the worst, her family had worked endlessly to find Abby. For nine months, Abby was being kept captive in a shipping container behind her abductor’s home. Then, on a random day, Abby was freed.

Nathaniel Kibby held Abby in captive for 9 months before he decided that he had 'terrorized her enough.’ Abby walked back to her family’s on July 21st, 2014.


Abigail’s mother, Zenya, was shocked to see her daughter standing in front of her. She was dressed in the same clothes she was wearing she disappeared. Her mother said she was thin and very pale. She shared, “She had a look in her eyes I've never ever seen before, and that's something that's haunting me and I think will haunt me the rest of my life."

Now, more than four years later, Abigail is sharing her hellish experience during her nine months of captivity. Her confession is haunting, heartbreaking, and truly sad.


Abigail sat down with ABC’s 20/20 where she shared about her cruel captivity in detail. She revealed that she was a held captive in a shipping container, forced to wear a shock collar, beat, and raped repeatedly for nine months.

Abigail revealed that she Nathanial had approached her during her walk home from school. After pulling over to see if she wanted a ride, Abigail accepted because she had blisters on her feet.

During the interview, Abigail revealed that Kibby forced her to wear a shock collar to keep her quiet. She remembers the moment well: “He said, ‘You know, I'm thinking of finding something a little more humane for you to keep you quiet.’ He said, ‘I’m thinking of a shock collar. You know, that like dogs wear.’” Abigail continued, “I remember he put it on me. And he told me, ‘Okay, try and scream.’ I just slowly started to raise my voice. And then, it shocked me. So, he's like, ‘Okay, now you know what it feels like,’”

Abigail also revealed that she was forced to call her capturer “Master” and that she only learned his name after seeing it on a cookbook from inside his home. It wasn’t until the end of her captivity that she learned his name.


Since coming forward, Nathanial Kibby has been sentenced to between 45 and 90 years in prison.

The full interview will air on Friday, September 7th on ABC. Please pray for Abigail; what she endured was truly horrific. As a young girl, so much of her life was stolen from her. Please pray that she finds hope.

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