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Brutally Beaten And Near Death, Desperate Donkey Puts His Trust In Heroes Who Vow To Give Him The Life He Never Dreamed He Could Have

October 26, 2018

All over the world, there are animals living in less-than-ideal conditions. Some are abandoned, some are neglected, and others are abused. Thank heavens there are professionals out there who dedicate their lives to alleviating the suffering of all creatures, great and small.

In India, the Animal Aid Unlimited rescue makes it their mission to stand between unscrupulous humans and the trusting animals that are in their care. When a resident of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India reaches out through the organization’s hotline, to report an animal in peril, the stout-hearted professionals of Animal Aid Unlimited pull out all the stops in order to make a difference in these innocent lives.


Our story today is about a donkey who, according to reports, has been beaten with a lead pipe and is suffering some traumatic injuries; his entire face is bloody and covered in wounds. I can’t imagine what this poor donkey could have done to warrant such a brutal attack but the injuries are heinous and the poor animal is in obvious pain.

Staff from Animal Aid Unlimited arrive on the scene and gingerly approach the donkey. They are ever-so-careful to not startle the fellow, as he is obviously traumatized by his ordeal. The donkey seems to know, instinctively, that these men are here to help; he makes no attempt to run or escape, despite the beating he has recently suffered at the hands of other humans.

By all rights, he should be fearful. Due to the caring demeanor of the two men tasked with bringing the donkey to safety, however, the injured animal submits to their efforts.

Once they’ve gained the donkey’s trust, they lead him to the waiting rescue van and carefully lift him aboard. After he is settled, they begin the journey back to the shelter where medical specialists wait to offer care.

Not knowing what to call him and believing every creature deserves the dignity of having a name, they decide to call him “Veeru” which means “brave” in Hindi.

Upon closer examination, the extent of Veeru’s injuries is ascertained. The medical staff is horrified to find that not only does the patient have numerous lacerations and bruises on his face, he has also suffered a ruptured eye. They begin to realize that it will be an arduous task bringing this guy back to full health.

Nevertheless, the team pushes forward, doing everything in their power to repair the damage done to the gentle animal. Before they are finished, they end up treating more than 20 deep lacerations and administering antibiotics and pain medicine.

Over the course of the next five weeks, Veeru is given the very best of medical care. More importantly, though, he gets to experience genuine love and tender care from all the people at the shelter.

Now that Veeru’s physical wounds have healed, he can get on with the business of living out the rest of his life in the loving care of the people who saved him from certain doom. He no longer has to fear unwarranted beatings at the hands of a vicious human.

After a bit of investigation, the perpetrator of this atrocity was found and reported to the police; he was arrested and is awaiting trial for his crimes. It’s great news that he won’t be able to do such a horrible thing again anytime soon.

This brave fellow has finally learned to trust those around him and has emerged from his ordeal stronger, happier, and confident in the promise of a better life. Thanks to the dedicated professionals at Animal Aid Unlimited, Veeru now has a home, friends, and all the hay and fresh air a donkey could ever want.

To watch Veeru’s transformation, from start to finish, click on the video, below.

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