Adopted Cat Finds A Forever Home With A Grand Piano, After Watching Piano Lessons For A Year She Amazes Her Owners When She Starts Doing This...

July 21, 2017

Nora the cat was rescued from a pet shelter in New Jersey. Though she had a difficult time with the other five cats in the house, her owners knew that she was very special and was worth the effort. It took a few months for her to adjust to the other cats and the loud piano that people were always playing on, but eventually, Nora felt at home!

One day after several piano lessons had ended Nora jumped onto the piano bench and started plunking away at the ivory. To everyone's amazement, it didn't sound half bad. In fact, it was quite beautiful, for a cat. It seemed as if she had secretly learned how to play the piano and this was her big moment.

Before long some of the students wanted to record Nora playing the piano and share it with their friends. Little did they know a cat playing the piano would go viral and reach over 15,000,000 people! Nora doesn't seem to care though, she's just happy knowing that her people love her and let her play on the piano.  

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