Adopted Dog Didn't Trust His Family For A Year. Then They Started Singing To Him And Everything Changed

July 21, 2017

Heroes come in all shapes in sizes and, unless they live in a comic book, none of them wear capes. Some of my biggest heroes are those who rescue and adopt animals. It takes a lot of love and, often times, a lot of patience to take a rescued animal into your home. The rescued pup in this story had a rough start in life and had a hard time trusting his new family. But, the family was determined to make him feel as loved as possible.

Pudge, the pit bull, was found as a stray on the streets of Chicago. The dog was not aggressive but also did not seem to trust anyone who approached him. The people who found him noticed that his ears had been cropped, which indicated that he may have been abused earlier in life.

The rescuers were able to get close enough to Pudge to pick him up and put him in their van to take him to an animal shelter. Once they got him to the shelter, the workers were hopeful that Pudge would let his walls come down and trust them. That, unfortunately, did not happen.

Pudge kept to himself and did not engage with anyone. This made it almost impossible for the rescue team to find him a new home. After some time, with no progress, the shelter considered putting Pudge down. One woman, however, saw Pudge's picture online and instantly fell in love with him.

The woman, whose name was Melissa, decided that the least she could do was give Pudge a foster home while the shelter waited for someone to adopt the dog. Once Melissa got him home, Pudge immediately went to his cage and shut the world out. Melissa was determined, however, to break the walls down that Pudge was determined to keep up.

After a year of trying everything they could think of, Melissa and her family were concerned that Pudge would never trust them. Then, one day, one of Melissa's children started singing to the dog. Pudge's head shot up immediately and he listened intently. After listening for a time, Pudge answered the song with his own version. He howled with joy. The family laughed and Pudge howled all the more.

From that day on, Pudge "sang" every day. His family was so excited that he finally let them into his life and Melissa was the best encourager to Pudge.  Because of this, Melissa finally decided to adopt Pudge permanently.  While all of the family loved Pudge, Melissa had a special bond with the dog that could not be replicated. Pudge went from not trusting anyone to loving every second he had with his new family. All thanks to the love and patience of his mom, Melissa. Watch the video below to see Pudge and his love for singing.

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