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Adorable House Cat Is Locked Outside, Moments Later He Tells His Parents To Let Him Back Inside In Hysterical Fashion

September 01, 2017

If you have the privilege of being a cat owner, you know just how much love and attention they desire and require. Most cats require that you bend to their every beck-and-call, 24 hours a day, which most people are all too happy to do for their felines. It is hysterical, therefore, when a cat decides it's not being given the attention it so rightly deserves. While all cats have a different way of expressing their displeasure, one house cat, in particular, knows exactly how to get his family's attention and, needless to say, it is ridiculously adorable.

One afternoon, a house cat makes his way outside to stretch his legs. He has been inside all afternoon so he needs to get out and get some fresh air in his lungs. He explores the yard for a bit and even lies on the concrete to relax. It is an overcast day so he is enjoying the cool breeze. Once he has had his fill of the outdoors, the cat makes his way back towards the house. Once he arrives at the back door, he attempts to push it open but discovers, to his displeasure, that the door is locked. The cat cannot believe his family would do this to him. He isn't meant to live outside. He is meant to be indoors and he is not about to change his lifestyle now. The cat devises a plan to get his family to notice him and springs into action.

The cat knows there is a doorbell near the middle of the door frame because he hears it ringing dozens of times a week. He knows the doorbell always gets his parents attention so he hops up on a shelf near the window, which brings him eye level with the doorbell, and proceeds to ring the bell. When no one comes, he rings it again and again until, finally, his dad comes and unlocks the door for him. The cat hops down off the shelf and strolls back into the house, with an air of triumph, finally back where he belongs. I guess his family will have to get used to hearing the doorbell a bit more often. Watch the video, below, to see the hilarious feline.

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