Adorable Labradoodle Steps Up To Protect His Family From The ‘Dogs In The Mirror’

February 12, 2018

Some dogs are more genetically wired to protect while others are wired to be day-makers, cuddlers, and happy-go-lucky companions. Labradoodles definitely fall into the latter category. They are known to have hilariously adorable personalities and love nothing more than putting big smiles on the faces of their families.

When a labradoodle goes into protection mode, that can often be a bit out of the ordinary. A curly-haired cutie named Jolene had a protective moment and it’s quite possibly one of the most adorable things we’ve seen to date.

Thankfully, Jolene’s owner happened to capture the entire fiasco on video. When the owner was walking around the house, she heard Jolene whimpering. As she rounded the corner, she saw a very confused pup. Jolene stood facing a three-way mirror and the “other dogs” in front of her were causing quite a stir.

Her reflection is something she hadn’t seen before, so she began pacing around and whimpering at the sight. As far as she knew, she was busy trying to protect her family from the fluffy trio of intruders. This hilarity has gained thousands of views online, and for good reason! Check out the video, below, to see the adorable sight for yourself.

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