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Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Goes Awry In The Best Way Possible

March 05, 2018

Is there anything more sweet than a new baby joining a family? There are sure to be many laughs and smiles to come, and it’s one of the greatest things enjoyed by people all around. The first round of joy comes when the happy couple gets the chance to reveal their pregnancy to their beloved friends and family! When Ashley Embry from Nashville, Tennessee, found out she was expecting, she couldn’t wait to tell her mom the wonderful news, but she knew she wanted to do it in a rather fun and different way!

She soon decided that the best course of action for her was going to be making it a game! She printed up specialty cards for the game, Mad Gab, where people have to read a string of unrelated words to see how they sound together and try to figure out what the sentence is supposed to be. It can be tons of fun for everyone! She made her mom a card that said: “Eye Mag Own Abbey Aground Mow There” as well as a backup card that said “Hash Lean May Sonar Prague Nut.”

When the game started, her mom was having a horrible time trying to understand the first card, which sounds like “ I’m a gonna be a grandmother” and she kept trying to pass on it! Eventually, they let her move on to the second card which is read like “Ashley and Mason are pregnant!” It took quite a few tries, but in the end, she caught on and she was so excited she just couldn’t hide the wonderful news!