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Adorable Squirrel Will Clear The Snow For The Price Of A Peanut

February 12, 2018

One adorable little red squirrel has earned himself all of the peanuts and bird seed he can get his hands on! When a heavy snowfall came down and blanketed the world in a thick white sheet, he took it upon himself to clear the wires!

The squirrel loved to use the wires as his own super highway to help him get through the neighborhood safely. With the wires, he’s able to stay clear of all of the local house pets, from the dogs who love to bark at him to the cats who try to really hunt him!

When the snow came, it built up along his little personal road, leaving him with very few options. The snow wasn’t strong enough for him to be able to walk across it safely, so he decided he had only one thing he could do!

The snow was taller than him as he began to pad down the wire, knocking down the snow and clearing the way. He quickly managed to plow his little driveway with nothing more than his own paws, and it took him only seconds.

His speed at clearing his walkway is something that is rivaled by anyone who has ever had to clear their own driveway or sidewalk! Now the real question is, if we leave out peanuts will he clear off our sidewalks as well?