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Afflicted By Mysterious Condition And In Excruciating Pain, 19-Year-Old Forced To Live In Plastic Bowl. What Happens Next Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

April 03, 2018

Rahma Haruna was born perfectly normal but, at six months of age, her body mysteriously ceased to grow. The 19-year-old Nigerian woman fell victim to a mysterious condition that rendered her completely immobile.

Rahma lives her life in perpetual pain and cannot fend for herself in any way shape, or form. She lives in a plastic bowl most of the time and has to be carried around whenever she needs to go anywhere.

Every doctor Rahma has seen has been unable to make a proper diagnosis, and all are baffled by her condition.

Undeterred, Rahma's family continues to fight for her and are dedicated to making her life as enriched as possible.

As word of Rahma's condition spread, generous donors have stepped in to provide some basic comforts for the disabled girl. Recently, she received a wheelchair.

This addition has not only made Rahma more comfortable, it also makes it easier for her caretakers to transport her.

With the quality of life she is forced to live, you'd never expect Rahma to have hopes and dreams for her future - but she does!

She is determined to open a shop one day and serve people to the best of her ability. "I want to start a business. A grocery store and anything people buy. That is what I want."

And what buoys her spirit to keep looking ahead instead of focusing on her misery? It's an attitude of gratitude, of course. Rahma says, "I thank God in everything I do."

With that upbeat attitude and positive mindset, and the loving support of her devoted family, I have a feeling that she just might achieve her dream!

UPDATE: In researching further for this article, we learned some terrible news. We are extremely saddened to report that Rahma, in fact, has passed away, leaving her family devastated. Please pray for them as they grieve the loss of such an unforgettable young lady.

To see more about Rahma's amazing life, watch the video, below.


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