After 6 Years Of Separation, Shetland Pony Is Reunited With His Mother In Most Adorable Way Possbile

June 30, 2017

One afternoon, animal rescuers were called to help with the rescue of some neglected animals. When they arrived, the rescuers immediately set to work on finding and transporting all of the animals that were present. When the rescuers entered a barn on the premises, they found only two Shetland ponies.

As they approached the ponies, the rescuers realized that one of the ponies was a young colt. The ponies were a mother and son duo. The rescuers approached the ponies and started moving them towards the door to freedom.

The rescuers quickly realized that the mother was in worse shape than they previously thought. Due to the neglectful place she was in, the mother had become very sick and needed immediate attention. While the rescuers knew they could save her life, they also knew it meant that the mother, named Malta, would have to be separated from her son.

The rescuers made the decision to separate the two ponies, in order to save Malta's life. Malta's son, Winky, was in good health and needed no medical attention, so he was immediately transferred to an animal sanctuary. Rescuers assured Winky that they were going to help his mother and they would reunite them some day.

Winky was grateful to be rescued but saddened that he did not have his mother by his side. He knew that it was for the best that she was taken away, but that did not stop him from missing her every day. Winky kept his hopes, however, as each day passed. For 6 years Winky waited, with high hopes and eager anticipation, for the day the would see his mother again.

Then, one day, Winky's patience paid off. A truck pulled up to wear Winky was staying and he was anxious to see what was inside. When the doors opened, Winky could not believe his eyes. There was his mother, walking towards him, for the first time in 6 years! Winky ran to his mother to finally give her the hug he had been holding in for 6 years!

Winky's mother was still fragile but at the sight of her son, she came alive with a new vibrancy. The two were reunited and could live out their days together in a beautiful sanctuary with plenty of room to roam free, together, forever! Watch the video below to see the beautiful reunion!

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