After 70 Years Apart, These High School Sweethearts Finally Get The Chance To Reconnect Once More

January 03, 2018

When Lauris Hiner’s husband passed away fifteen years ago after a life full of love and laughter as they raised children, she never expected to find love again. So when she received a bouquet of gorgeous, long-stemmed ruby red roses twelve years after his death, she couldn’t figure out who would have sent her the lovely flowers. The note attached to the roses contained only two words, “Love, Paul.”

Lauris was racking her brain, trying hard to figure out who in the world the mysterious Paul could be. When she received a curious phone call a few days later, she was amazed to find out that Paul was her beloved high school sweetheart. They’d gone their separate ways after high school when he enlisted in the military and went off to war, and never reconciled because she had married while he was gone.

Paul and Lauris had met way back in elementary school, when Lauris’ friend, Millie, introduced her to her cousin, Paul. They orbited around each other for years, until they began to date in High School. When Paul enlisted in the military, he didn’t feel right asking her to wait for him, knowing there was a chance he would never return, and they broke up.

Lauris and Millie had remained friends for all that time, and when Millie mentioned to Paul that Lauris’ husband had passed away, he decided to reach out. He only wished that he had known she was widowed years before, so he could have contacted her sooner. Lauris was ecstatic to hear from Paul, and the two began to form a new relationship together.

Unfortunately, Lauris lives in Redding, California, and Paul lives in Seattle, Washington, almost 600 miles apart. Over the next few years, Paul would send Lauris flowers every couple of months, and the two would often talk on the phone. When Paul sent Lauris four dozen roses with a note saying, “verifying my love” Lauris decided it was time to meet Paul again, and so, they began to plan a trip.

When Paul heard that they were coming to visit, he insisted on taking the whole family out to “THE best restaurant in Seattle.” During the entire trip up to Seattle, Lauris was driving her daughter, Susan, crazy with her teenage-like antics. She was fussing over her clothing and makeup, worrying about how their reunion would go. Susan was documenting the entire trip on Facebook, and said she felt as though she were “with a 16-year-old daughter on a first date, not [my] 89-year-old mother.”

When the two finally saw each other face-to-face, Paul was quick to apologize to the others, saying “I just want to talk to my girl.” The reunion was great, and from the moment the two saw each other again, it was like they had never even been apart. Unfortunately, the two aren’t able to see each other as often as they'd like due to the distance, but we’re sure they’ll be seeing each other again soon!

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