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After A Life in Chains That Were Heavier Than Her, Andie's Transformation Amazed Everyone Who Saw Her

August 15, 2017

If you are anything like me, you probably have an infatuation with dogs. It goes without saying that every single dog, as well as any other pet/animal, deserves a forever home. Some dogs, however, go their whole lives without a proper home, which is why animal rescue groups are so important. Animal rescue groups all over the world dedicate their lives to making sure every single animal is treated with love and respect. Andie, the dog in this story, owes her life and happiness to the loving rescuers who took the time to hear her cries when no one else would.

Andie, the little dog, was dealt a rough hand in life. She was neglected by her previous owners and chained up outside. The chains on Andie were much heavier than she was and there were days that she simply could not move out of the hot sun. Andie only wanted to love and be loved. Andie developed mange because of her neglect but despite her situation, the little pup still had hope that someone would find her and love her. Finally, after crying for days, rescuers found the little pup and whisked her away to care for her. Andie's luck had finally turned around.

After making sure Andie was well fed and hydrated, the rescue team looked for a family that would take Andie in forever. It did not take long for them to find such a family and Andie was soon relaxing inside her new home with her new loving human companions. Through all of her struggles, Andie never gave up hope that the right people would find her and love her. Along with her new home and family, Andie also acquired new cat siblings named Artemis and Apollo. The memory of her previous life faded away as Andie realized she was finally home. She was loved. She was safe. Watch the video below to see Andie's journey.

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