After Being Adopted This Pig Thinks He Is A Dog And No One Is Going To Tell Him Otherwise

July 03, 2017

When Dexter, the pig, was just a baby, he lost his first home. You see, Dexter was a teacup pig. If you are anything like me, when you think of teacup pigs, you think of adorable tiny pigs that are no bigger than your hand. Well apparently, that is exactly what Dexter's former family envisioned when they took him home.

What people don't realize, however, is that teacup pigs have a propensity to grow much bigger than most people think. While they are not nearly as big or as heavy as a regular pig, teacup pigs can get to be as big as 65 pounds or bigger. Apparently, Dexter's former family was under the impression that he would remain tiny forever, which was simply not the case.


Once they realized that Dexter was going to keep growing, the family decided they could not take care of him anymore. Dexter was taken to a shelter where he awaited a new family to take him in and live him. Dexter was eventually placed in a foster home with a loving foster mom and three foster doggie brothers. 

Dexter's foster mom loved him very much but knew it was her job to find him a forever home. Dexter's foster mom tried and tried to find the perfect home for Dexter, but it seemed like the more she looked, the more doors kept closing. Then, one day, Dexter's mom realized that she had found the perfect home for him after all.


Dexter's foster mom decided that her home would be Dexter's forever home. She was so excited and started the adoption process immediately. In no time at all, the paperwork was done, the process was completed and Dexter was told that he was going to be living with his mom doggie brothers forever. Needless to say, Dexter was ecstatic.

Dexter's mom noticed right away that Dexter had developed a unique new trait. Instead of acting like a pig, Dexter was more inclined to behave like a dog because of all the time he spent with his three dog siblings. The dogs' names were Houston, Diesel, and Moose.

Dexter developed a deep connection with Moose in particular. The adorable pig his older doggie brother were soon best friends and the two were practically inseparable. CLICK "NEXT PAGE TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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