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After Being Forced To Retire, This Racehorse Picked Up A New Hobby. You Won't Believe Your Eyes When You See What He Is Doing Now [VIDEO]

May 18, 2017

Metro used to have a successful career as a high-profile racehorse. A knee injury, however, put him on the sidelines for some time. As the medical bills kept piling up, things didn't look too promising for the once great racehorse. Luckily, Metro had an owner that did not give up on him. 

Since Metro couldn't race anymore, his owner decided it was time to try something a little unconventional. He handed Metro a paintbrush and found some non-toxic paint and let the horse go to work. Metro took to his new hobby without hesitation and soon was creating masterpieces! 

Metro's paintings have sold for hundreds of dollars all over the world. Metro's talents have even inspired more unlikely Picassos to come out of the woodwork. A giraffe in Nevada apparently heard about Metro's talent and decided to try it out for himself. He, too, has created beautiful abstract works of art, as well as decorating hats for local patrons. 

WATCH the video below to see Metro and his giraffe friend in action! 

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