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After Being Rescued From A Fur Farm, This Adorable Fox Just Wants To Show LOVE To Everyone Around Her [VIDEO]

May 11, 2017

When Ayla was born, her circumstances could not have been grimmer. Ayla was born on a fur farm and would eventually be killed for her fur. Luckily for Ayla, she was rescued when she was just 4 weeks old. However, because Ayla had been born in captivity, she would never be able to survive in the wild. 

Fortunately for Ayla, her adoptive mother loves to hike in the great outdoors! Ayla and her mom have gone hiking in the foothills and played on the beach together. Ayla even got a best friend named Loke, the family dog. 

Ayla and Loke have had the time of their lives together. They have run up mountains and played all types of games together. Ayla has been blessed with a family that lets's her run and play like a fox should! 

Ayla has been shown so much love that she has been on a mission to love everyone around her! All Ayla has wanted is for EVERYONE to be her friend. And who could say no to that!? 

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