After Being Rescued, This Chicken Shocked The World By Becoming An Internationally Known Pianist

July 13, 2017

One of the reasons why we love our animals is because of their quirky little talents. It’s always so fun to see animals take on human traits right before our eyes. This little chicken is no exception.

Jokgu, a 4-year-old chicken, was rescued after an egg ranch closed down in Oklahoma. Her new owner, 13-year-old Victoria, hoped to give Jokgu a new and exciting life. Victoria was a new pet owner, freshman high school student, and a very talented pianist.

When Victoria brought Jokgu home for the first time, Jokgu was quite surprised to find herself in a home rather than a standard hen house. Victoria said that it took a while for her to get used to her new environment. “She didn’t really know what to do, she just followed me around at first.”  Victoria was wondering if Jokgu would ever get comfortable in her new home.

After a couple days of Jokgu seeming uninterested in her new home, Victoria remembered that music was the international language. She began playing her piano one day while Jokgu was near by. At first, Jokgu was her usual, observant self. But what Victoria witnessed next, no one could have expected.

Victoria said that as soon as she hit the keys, Jokgu was laser focused on the piano. She continued playing, paying close attention to her little chicken friend. Victoria began playing a song softly and that’s when the unthinkable happened: Jokgu hopped up on the piano bench right next to Victoria.

Then the biggest surprise of them all happened- Jokgu actually pecked the keys! As simple as bending down to grab some food, Jokgu just leaned over and hit a white key. Victoria stopped playing right away and looked at Jokgu in amazement! She pressed a key again, wondering if Jokgu would be able to replicate the motion. After a couple minutes, Jokgu started pecking again! It was then that Victoria discovered that she not only had a new pet but a musical chicken prodigy!

After that day, Jokgu and Victoria’s friendship took off through their combined musical talents. Since that day, Jokgu has learned over 15 songs on the piano and will often join Victoria when she plays her melodic ivories. Their friendship is too cute! Recently, Jokgu learned one very special song to celebrate the nation’s birthday. With his American Flag behind him, Jokgu performed the beautiful sentiment of the national classic, America The Beautiful. His rendition is not only adorable but also quite incredible to witness.

As Jokgu plays the keys, you can’t help but smile. Jokgu is full of surprises and lives his life to bring joy to anyone who will listen. He has become internationally known thanks to the hit show "America's Got Talent." All I can say is Jokgu, you’re amazing! Check out Jokgu’s awesome performance below and prepared to be blown away with a smile!

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