After Being Run Over By A Car, No One Expected Georgie To Walk Again. With The Dedication Of His Rescuers, Will He Be Able To Overcome His Past?

March 07, 2018

Udiapur, India, is home to many stray dogs who spend their lives living alone on the streets, which is how they earn the name “Street Dogs.” Most of these dogs will have short lives, full of fear and loneliness as they struggle to survive on the harsh streets. Some, the lucky ones, will be taken in by caring people or rescues.

Unfortunately, Georgie wasn’t one of the lucky ones. The gorgeous tan and white dog struggled to survive on the streets his entire life, just trying to stay alive. There were many days where he went without food and shelter, exposed to the elements. It all came to a head for him one afternoon when the unthinkable happened, and he was struck by a passing vehicle.

The driver never stopped, not caring what happened to Georgie because he was ‘just’ a street dog, like so many others. Things looked bleak for Georgie after the accident, as he suffered horrific nerve damage that paralyzed his back legs. He was unable to walk or run, and he got around by dragging his hind legs along the ground, the pain was surely immense for the poor dog.

Luckily, a kind Samaritan spotted him and called Animal Aid Unlimited to come save him. When they arrived on scene to find him alone and scared, they were horrified from the first moment they laid eyes on him. His hind legs were dirty, covered in mud and muck from dragging himself along.

When they went to pick him up, he tried desperately to scramble away from them, not knowing if they were there to save his life or punish him further. They finally managed to herd him onto a blanket so they could transport him back to their veterinarian. At the clinic, they weren’t sure if he would ever recover. The nerve damage was severe, and they weren’t hopeful.

It took them weeks, but with daily massages and physical therapy combined with a lot of rest, he soon overcame the odds. While he will never run and play like he used to, he now can walk and even jog, even if the gait still seems a little off. Georgie’s future is surely going to be one of the brightest things of all.