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After Being Separated For 4 Years These 3 Horses Are Reunited And You Wont Believe What Happens

December 15, 2017

Four years ago, a thoroughbred sports horse named Arthur was sold to a private high-class competition yard, sold by New Forest Ponies owner Sue. Before being sold Authur had lived with his two best friends, William and Harry. Today is an exciting day because Sue has brought Authur back and is reuniting him with his friends. She has no idea how the horses will react to being reunited.

The three horses had been inseparable from the time they were young; they did everything together, but that all changed four years ago. Will they remember each other? Sue leads Authur into the pasture where William and Harry are. That's when something extraordinary happens. Immediately the horses begin to run toward each other; thankfully it was all caught on camera.

It was as if no time had passed. The amazing reunion brought tears to my eyes. They remembered each other and it was a beautiful sight to see. "This magical horse reunion was the beginning of a new adventure for Arthur, William, Harry, and myself," said Sue. Even she had no idea that the horses would remember each other.

Watch this happy reunion take place in the video, below!

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