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After Camilla Parker Bowles’ Distasteful Behavior At The Commonwealth Games, Palace Officials Have Frantically Gone Into Damage Control

April 05, 2018

Camilla Parker Bowles can’t seem to catch a break in the media. There are many reasons as to why she’s less than favored in the eyes of the public and, no matter what she does, she’s always pointed out as having ill intent.

Prince Charles and Camilla recently attended the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games. Seems innocent enough, right? Not so fast. Camilla was caught doing something that has caused a serious uproar in the media. It escalated so quickly that the palace officials sped into damage control to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

During the opening ceremony, fans saw Charles and Camilla in attendance. The glaringly obvious behavior of Camilla, in particular, stole the show. In the opening speech, she was seen aimlessly browsing through the program not once, but on numerous occasions.

Her expression was that of sheer boredom and disinterest. When she and Charles were cordially welcomed by the Gold Coast 2018 chairman, Peter Beattie, she failed ever to look up and acknowledge his words.


Twitter went ablaze with criticism as they blasted her for lack of courtesy and interest in such a monumental ceremony. The organizers of the ceremony even rushed to see if they could have done something to better hold her attention.The moment palace officials caught wind of the situation; they immediately tried to put the ill-intended speculations to rest.


Commonwealth Games Federation president Louise Martin finally stepped up to the plate to dismantle the accusations. “That’s what she came over as. She was absolutely shattered - jet lagged. She’d just gotten off the plane in the morning with a full duty right through the day and then she sat in the car from Brisbane down to here. She got twenty minutes to change before she was due at another reception.”


He went on to say, “She literally hates flying. She really does, she hates it. She really wanted to go to sleep.” He then stated, “She really enjoyed herself. I didn’t see the facial expressions et cetera, but the comments between the Duchess and Prince Charles and myself, she was asking questions all the time. She really enjoyed it.”

We’ll never truly know just how the Duchess felt during the ceremony of the games, but one thing is for certain: actions speak louder than words and, on this occasion, it was proven quite true. Hopefully, she did enjoy her time there and got some well-needed rest afterward.


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