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After Disastrous Week Of Non-Stop Heartache, Meghan Finally Gets Good News, And It Could Not Have Come At A Better Time

May 18, 2018

No one can deny that it's been a rough week for bride-to-be Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry has likely had his hands full calming and comforting his distraught lady-love. Between her father's health concerns to her family's trying to steal the spotlight, Meghan has probably felt like crawling into a dark hole and remaining there until noon on Saturday.

But, as we all know, there is no such escape for members of the Royal Family or for those soon to enter it. There is no getting out of an obligation just because of an emotional crisis. And the wedding of the year will go on, as planned, at noon tomorrow, regardless of the state of mind of the bride.

That is why we are so happy to hear that at least one piece of good news has been shared with Meghan, and we hope it is enough to cheer her up in time for her historic walk down the aisle of St. George's Chapel to marry her own Prince Charming, Harry of Wales.

Buckingham Palace announced today the answer to something we have been wondering - and praying - about ever since early April. That is when Prince Harry's grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip underwent major surgery to have a hip replaced.

Since we have received very little information on the Prince's progress, we were concerned that he has not been faring well. For a man of 96, that type of procedure was sure to take a lot out of him and it was doubtful that he could recover sufficiently to come to the wedding.

Now we can report that, at last, the final unknown of the event has been resolved and it is great news for the happy couple. Prince Philip will indeed be in attendance for his grandson's wedding, and the entire Royal Family couldn't be happier.


We have not received word just what role he will play and for which portions of the ceremony he will be present, but we can say with a reasonable amount of certainty, that the proud grandpa will do everything in his power to be there for as much of the festivities as he can possibly handle. And for now, that's enough.

Just when it seemed that whatever could go wrong did, things have taken a dramatic turn and the good news is starting to arrive. Meghan and Harry have to be relieved that things are finally looking up and that they can finally turn all of their focus onto the thing that really matters: that the two will be joined in Holy Matrimony in less than 24 hours. And we couldn't be happier for them!

To reflect on the day when Prince Philip was released from the hospital after his surgery, back when it was doubtful that he would be well enough in time for Harry and Meghan's wedding, watch the video, below.


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