After Fostering An Adorable Rescue Dog, Boy Has The Best Reaction When Finds Out His Mom Adopted Her!

July 07, 2017

Being a foster parent of any kind is a tremendous honor. My best friend's mother has fostered a number of children and she has loved each and every one of them fiercely. Foster care does not stop with children though. Many people are foster parents for animals that have been rescued.

When an animal is rescued they are normally taken to a shelter to be monitored and checked for injuries. Once that process is over, most animals are either put up for adoption or placed in a foster home until a forever home is found for them. This was the case with an adorable little Chihuahua named Mia.

When Mia's time a the shelter was over, she went to live with a loving foster family. The family loved Mia with all their hearts and Mia was so happy to be welcomed into a family that loved her unconditionally. The family did not know how long Mia would be staying with them but they did know they would cherish every single moment they had with her.

Among the family was a young boy that took a special interest in Mia. The boy would spend hours pampering, cuddling, and otherwise loving Mia with all his heart. Mia obviously loved all the attention she received from the young boy and she developed a special love for him as well.

The young boy's mother noticed the relationship he had with Mia and while it made her happy, she was also concerned. The closer her son got to Mia the hard it would be for him to let her go when someone adopted her. They boy's mother knew there was only one way to make sure his heart was not broken.

So, on Christmas day, they boy's mother handed him a very special present. The boy tore into the package and inside he found a letter. The letter stated that Mia had, in fact, been adopted. But, Mia wasn't going anywhere because it was the boy's mother who had adopted her!

When the boy realized what had happened he tried to play it cool and did a little dance. But, when he picked up Mia to hug her, he could not hold back the tears of joy and gratitude. He knew that he would never have to say goodbye to Mia again and Mia knew that she would always have her best friend by her side! Watch the video below to see the emotional response!

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