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After Long Absence, Melania Trump Made A Secret Solo Appearance That Public Never Knew About It Until Now

June 12, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump has made headlines lately, causing a stir of controversy. She, herself, hasn’t done anything directly, but the controversy stems from mere speculation. Melania took a three-week absence from the eye of the public and had recently made her gradual return.

Many have various assumptions as to the reasons behind her abrupt disappearance, but it has been confirmed that the First Lady had a medical emergency. She had to quickly undergo kidney surgery, and it took a bit of time for a full recovery.

Sources say: “Mrs. Trump underwent an embolization procedure, which is meant to cut off the blood supply that feeds the kidney. It is usually used to stop bleeding from a benign tumor or a small aneurysm, or to reverse the growth of such a tumor.”

Thankfully, all went well for the First Lady. According to President Trump, “She had a big operation. That was close to a four-hour operation. And she’s doing great.”

Now, just three weeks after the operation, she is making her way back into the eye of the public. She recently made a very unexpected solo appearance that much of the public failed to recognize until it was over. She even managed to make it to the event without so much as a group of official photographers and reporters following her every step.

She made a solo trip to Ford’s Theatre in Washington to present an award and give a speech in honor of the legacy left behind by former President Abraham Lincoln. According to sources, Mrs. Trump’s speech was very warm and moving.

“I was honored to be part of such a special evening. Tonight reminds all of us about the power the arts have in cultivating the American voice. Thank you to Ford’s Theatre Society for tonight, and your continued dedication to education and leadership in the arts; the impact they have on society is invaluable and something we will continue to cherish throughout time.”

Many wonder just why the First Lady would make such a grand appearance unannounced. Sources tell that because it wasn’t an official FLOTUS event, she didn’t feel the need nor desire to make a public announcement about it.

For someone who lives day in and day out in the eye of the media, it’s likely quite refreshing to have the option to forego the madness. Those in attendance were thrilled with her presence and many captured photos that have recently surfaced online.

While we know she’s still on the road to recovery, it’s quite heartwarming to see her make her comeback in such a way. We look forward to what lies in store for the FLOTUS and wish her a continued speedy recovery!


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