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After Missing an Eye and Fractured Bones, Chihuahua Puppy’s Owners Can’t Pay Her Medical Bills. An Unlikely Hero Steps In That Will Melt Your Heart

February 26, 2018

As a rambunctious and playful teacup chihuahua, Tinker was always the life of the party. She was loved by his family and adored by anyone who saw her. Her short stature and zealous energy drew people to her.

One day, a terrible, terrible thing happened to little Tinker. She was attacked by a bigger dog while out on a walk. The bigger dog got a grip on her and because she was so little, she lost the battle almost immediately. Once the big dog loosened his grip, Tinker’s owner was finally able to grab her.

When they got her to the vet, doctors had to act fast. Tinker’s face took the brunt of the attack; she had scrapes and wounds all around her face and doctors were worried for her eyes. After operating, they were devastated to have to remove her left eye completely. Thankfully, they were able to save her right eye.

When the surgery was over, the owners were grateful that Tinker was alive with hopeful healing. However, the medical bill was a new battle. The owners were heartbroken when they couldn’t afford her medical expenses and after tears and hard conversations, they said goodbye to Tinker and surrendered her to the vet hospital.

But Tinker’s story didn’t end there! Almost immediately after surgery, Tinker’s personality started to come back. She quickly started winning the hearts of everyone the vet office. After a couple of days of being swooned by Tinker’s big heart, the staff got together and decided that Tinker would be their resident dog! Together, they paid off her medical bills and took her in!

Tinker is still in recovery, but you couldn’t tell that by her personality! She is full of energy and joy and brightens everyone’s day! Check out this video below and see how this little fighter doesn’t let anything steal her joy!!


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