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After Suffering A Vicious Acid Attack, Honey’s Future Looked Dark. Just Wait Until You See Her Now

March 13, 2018

When Animal Aid India received a phone call about a dog who had suffered a vicious acid attack, they knew she was going to be in rough shape. Even they didn’t expect her to be in such horrible shape when they arrived. A large portion of her back had been eaten away by the acid, down to the muscle.

The pain was immense and she didn’t even want to move because it hurt so bad. They knew that they needed to get her treatment as fast as she could, and they raced her back to their shelter where a veterinarian could assist. Most shelters would have given up on Honey in the condition she was in, but they could see a spark in her eye that said she refused to give up, so they were determined to keep fighting as long as she was willing.

When they got her back to the rescue, the first thing they had to do was sedate her so they could clean out the wound and treat her safely. They rinsed out the wound, making sure to remove any other traces of acid that could have been left behind and still eaten away at her skin.

Every day for the next few weeks, they treated her wound with burn ointment before wrapping it in plastic wrap and then wrapping that in gauze to ensure it stayed clean. After one month of this, her wound had made astounding progress, and they began to cover it in honey to help speed up the healing even more!

Six months after she was rescued, Honey was finally healthy once again. While she’ll always be left with horrific scarring, she never let it affect her personality. She loves to spend her time playing with her new friends at the sanctuary, and being loved on by the rescue workers. Her life has made a complete turn around, and we couldn’t be happier. We’re sure the rest of her life will be full of joy and love!