Aggressive Dog is Condemned to Death - Until She Steps In To Save Him. This Heartwarming Story Will Make You Cry

July 28, 2017

Dogs who have a history of aggressiveness don’t typically fair very well - especially in a shelter environment. An aggressive dog in South Africa was slated for euthanasia, until a trainer stepped in to save him. She named him Cerberus after the three headed dog in Greek mythology, due to his dominant attitude. Cerberus was found in an open prison in Johannesburg, and had a history of attacking dogs he thought were a threat to him. He shared his cage with a female, and he was protective of his only friend.


Samantha Browne is a Certified Dog Listener who was working with the South Africa SPCA when she saved Cerberus. Samantha began to work slowly with Cerberus, not even entering his pen for a long time until he was ready to be her friend. She had to work carefully with him to not risk turning him back into the aggressive dog he once was. Long after he allowed her into his pen, he finally allowed her to pet him for the first time. Before that, he had viewed hands as weapons so he was not very happy about the idea of being pet.

As Cerberus progressed into a happier dog, Samantha made the decision to foster him. This once former attack dog now fit into her pack of dogs as he trusted her to make the decisions for them. Samantha then began to foster his puppy, Charlie as well. Cerberus took him under his wing, and was a gentle mentor to the young pup. Charlie was adopted by a close friend of Samantha’s and went on to have a very happy life, and the female that Cerberus shared his cage with went to a loving owner as well thanks to Samantha’s loving care. As for Cerberus, Samantha decided she couldn’t part with him and adopted him. When she returned to the UK, she brought him along too as she unable to bear the thought of leaving him behind.


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