Aggressive-Looking Dogs Left Abandoned For A Year. Rescuers Quickly Realize Just How Loving These Pups Truly Are

October 11, 2017

Thank goodness for the people in this world who dedicate their lives to the rescue of animals. Eldad and his friends at Hope For Paws are some of the best at what they do because they do not judge a book by its cover. For example, when Eldad receives a call about two dogs at a local industrial site in need of rescuing, he and his team drop everything and rush over.

Eldad and his team arrive at the site, and it does not take them long to find the first dog. The pup has somewhat of an aggressive look to it, so Eldad approaches cautiously. Within seconds, however, all thought of aggression leaves the team's minds as the dog lifts his head and, upon seeing Eldad and his friends, wags his tail uncontrollably.

The dog's name is Boots, and he is thrilled to see some new faces. After feeding him a cheeseburger, Eldad gives Boots all the cuddles he can handle. Boots makes the team's job pretty easy, but they still need to find the other dog.

They look to their left and, sure enough, the team spots Boots' counterpart, another adorable dog named Babs. Babs is also ecstatic to see Eldad and his team and sits up with her tail wagging to give them a warm welcome. She too receives a cheeseburger before Boots comes over and attempts to snag another bite. The two pups are obviously besties.

The team finds out that the two dogs have been at the industrial plant for over a year and no one knows who left them there. Not to worry, Eldad and his friends prepare the cars to transport the dogs to safety. Babs is content to walk to the vehicles. Boots, on the other hand, wants to be carried, which the team has no issues with at all.

Boots and Babs receive medical treatment and are soon ready for foster care. The two playful pups don't stop kissing their rescuers whenever they see them. Apparently, the only thing aggressive about these pups is their cuddle sessions! Now, all these doggie-friends need is a forever home, which is sure to be just around the corner for them. Watch the video, below, to see the all-too-cute rescue!

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