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Airlifted During A "Massive Rescue Operation" With A Broken Hip And A Bullet Lodged In His Abdomen. You'll Be Amazed How The Veterinarians Respond!

October 03, 2017

Rory, a stunning Golden Retriever, didn't always have a smooth-sailing life full of peaches and cream. He lived in a community that had a dog crisis. Dog lovers and rescuers living in Big Trout, a community located in Ontario, were facing dire circumstances. Because there were so many stray and unwanted dogs there, it had become too much for them to handle. That’s when Rory and 57 other canines were airlifted to another community, Peterborough, where they could get the care they needed.

Upon their arrival, all the dogs were given a medical assessment to determine their overall health. It was during this evaluation that the veterinary professionals discovered that Rory’s physical condition was much worse than they had thought; he would need immediate treatment. So they could better meet his medical needs, the staff had Rory moved to Champlain Animal Hospital where they would be able to take x-rays and give him more advanced care.

The team was already aware that Rory was infested with parasites, malnourished, and had a broken hip, but the x-rays revealed more bad news. Not only was the hip fracture more complex than they had originally thought, he also had a bullet lodged in his abdomen. Jumping into action, they called in an orthopedic surgeon to deal with the fracture. Rory underwent two intense surgeries - one to repair his hip socket and the other to remove the bullet. These veterinarians are true heroes because they went above and beyond to make sure this doggie could live a full and pain-free life. That is exactly what has happened for Rory; he is now healthy, happy, and living in his new forever-home. Rory's rescue and transformation are astonishing, just see for yourself!

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