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Airplane Terrorist Who Was Discovered With Bomb In TSA Found Guilty; All Are Thanking God For The Miracle Of His Arrest

May 01, 2019

Thank you, God, for this man’s arrest!

During what appeared to be an ordinary day of travel, a man was confronted about his suitcase being overweight. While TSA, Transportation Security Administration, was checking his carryon, they later discovered a meat grinder that contained a bomb.

According to Fox, police confirmed that Khaled Khayat, 51, conspired with his brother Mahmoud Khayat, 34, to bring down an Etihad flight carrying 400 passengers from Sydney to Abu Dhabi on July 15, 2017. The brothers plotted to blow up the bomb by “hiding military grade explosives in another brother’s luggage. The terror plot was foiled when the third brother, unaware that he was carrying a bomb disguised as a meat grinder, tried to check in the luggage at Sydney airport but it was too heavy.”

After his heinous acts were discovered, Khaled faced trials for terrorism and was being charged with life in prison. After over year in court, he was convicted of terrorism on May 1st, 2019. His brother, however, has yet to be convicted but is accused of additional crimes including a terrorist attack in the form of a chemical attack.

According to Fox, Khaled and his brother, Mahmoud, allegedly crafted the attack on behalf of the Islamic State. It was clear that their efforts were terrorism.

There is no arguing that was a terrorist attack. We are so thankful these men were stopped at TSA and taken into custody. Thank God they were well-trained.

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