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Famed ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Makes Shocking Admittance About The Future Of The Show, And Fans Across The Globe Are Completely Losing Their Minds

February 22, 2019

One of television’s hosting legends recently sat down for an interview and gave away one of the biggest spills yet concerning his career.

If you’re anything like me, you either grew up watching the hit show, Jeopardy!, or you knew someone who adored it. The questions were always challenging, thought-provoking, and you could trust you’d walk away with newfound knowledge after each and every episode.

One of the things that made the television show so legendary was the fantastically brilliant host, Alex Trebek.

He has been with the show since the start and despite facing some health challenges along the way, has managed to keep up the brilliant work and return week after week for more riveting content.

Recently, he sat down for an interview where he was asked about his future with the television show. We all know that nothing lasts forever and he’s well aware that he will one day be replaced with another.

The host was asked if he had any idea who would one day be his replacement. If he could choose, who would he select? His answer was nothing like anyone ever anticipated hearing.

He started off his answer in thought. “It’s probably going to be a woman,” Trebek stated. Then he continued on and his answer just got better from there.

“...Somebody younger...somebody bright...somebody personable...somebody with a great sense of humor,” he said. All the qualities he named would make for an ideal replacement host. After some thinking, he had his answer for who he would select to fill his shoes.

In a witty, Trebek-like fashion, he answered, “...so I nominate Betty White!” This, of course, was the last person anyone ever anticipated him to say, but it’s definitely a strong contender. She does, indeed, fit the criteria for what he feels would make a successful host.

He then offered a couple of “more serious” nominations such as Laura Coates, Alex Faust, and Ben Mankiewicz. Then he went on to tell of one of his lifelong aspirations which could possibly allude to his plans following his career at Jeopardy!

“I always wanted to be Governor General of Canada...It’s mostly PR. You travel the country, you make people feel good about themselves,” he said. We couldn’t possibly think of a more suitable candidate for that position than Alex Trebek!

If you could choose, who would you nominate for the next host of the show?

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