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Alex Was Determined To Not Let Her Grandmother Be Forgotten. When You Hear How She Kept Her Legacy Alive, You’ll Be Left In Tears

October 03, 2017

You never quite know just how your actions are going to affect those around you. Your act of kindness could be what saves someone’s life, or your harsh words could be what pushes someone over the edge. One girl’s life was changed for the better by the actions of her loving grandmother, and now she’s changing the world herself.

Alex McKelvey is a ten-year-old girl from Lakewood, Washington, whose life was shaped by her loving Grandma. Alex and her grandmother were close and had a great relationship, the two of them helping each other grow into better people every day. In September of 2013, Alex’s grandmother died, and Alex searched for a way to honor this precious woman’s life.

Alex and her family decided the perfect way to honor her was to perform 60 acts of kindness by what would have been her Grandmother’s 60th birthday. Thus began the journey that would not just change her life, but the lives of all the people her actions touched.

Alex and her family left $100 tips on $40 bills, donated blood, bought coffees for other people, and gave a bunch of new toys to St. Jude’s! They also started volunteering at a shelter where they worked in the kitchen, preparing meals for the homeless and those less-fortunate. They marked every good deed with the hashtag, “#ForLinda” so that people could find out why they performed the act of kindness. Once they met their goal of 60, Alex began to look for what would come next.

They decided to pursue 600 acts of kindness by the same date in 2015, and when they asked Alex why that number, all she had to say was, “I picked 600 because it was ten times more than 60. And we’re not going to stop there. We’re going to do thousands, then a million. I’d like to reach so many people.”

Alex has never stopped working to make the world a better place through her random acts of kindness. She managed to complete her second goal of 600 acts of kindness by helping to renovate the youth center at her local YMCA.

Alex may not have set another specific goal, but that doesn’t mean she’s stopped helping, and I doubt she ever will. Because of Alex’s special relationship with her grandmother, the world has become a much brighter place, and isn’t that the kind of legacy we all want to leave behind?

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