All Eyes Were On The Dancer, Then Her Dog Came Into View And Stole The Show In Incredible Fashion

August 10, 2017

If you are anything like me, you have, at one point or another, tried to teach your dog to do tricks. Dogs are incredibly smart and, most of the time, willing to learn. My dogs, however, never seemed to want to do anything except play, eat, and sleep, which made me happy no matter what. It is hard, however, not to be jealous of the dancer and the dog in this story because, apparently, the dog had more talent than most other dogs in the world put together.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon when Sandra entered an event center to perform her dance routine. Sandra was an accomplished dancer but still got nervous before every performance. Luckily, she had her dog Lizzy with her to keep her calm and provide her with support. People thought the relationship between Sandra and her dog was adorable but, little did they know, Lizzy was there for more than just moral support. She was joining Sandra on the dance floor.

The duo made their way onto the floor in front of hundreds of people. The music started and Sandra started her graceful routine, accompanied by her lovable dog, Lizzy. The routine quickly took an exciting turn when Lizzy started doing tricks and spins, all while Sandra kept step with her in graceful fashion. It was both gracefully mesmerizing and highly entertaining. Watch the video below to see the dynamic duo and their incredible routine.

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