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All This Great Dane Wants To Do Is Cuddle With His Owner On The Couch. The Only Problem Is The Couch Might Be A Little Too Small

Sure enough, the Great Dane decided that he would be much more comfortable, sitting on the couch with his human and having a cuddle session. The owner knew what was coming and tried to stay calm and play it off like it was no big deal. The gigantic dog climbed up onto the couch and set to work on finding the most comfortable position to settle into.

His favorite position, no matter what he did, was to have his face resting on top of his owner's face. The owner apparently had gone through this before because he simply lay still and waited for the dog to get comfortable. This entire thing could have been avoided if the two friends had a bigger couch to lay on. Maybe when people get a Great Dane, the shelter they get the dog from could provide a big couch for the people to take home as well


That might help solve funny problems like this. Eventually, the owner attempted to sit up and gently push the dog off the couch. The dog, literally, put his foot down in protest. He seemed to be saying, "You are my human, but this is my couch now, and I'm not going anywhere."

All the owner could do was smile at his best friend because he knew, of course, that the dog was always right. WATCH the video below to see the hysterical struggle for comfort between a dog and his human.

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