Ambitious Grandma Turns 102 And Wishes To See The Horses, But Ends Up Going For A Memorable Ride Too

June 08, 2017


 Horses are such beautiful creatures and many many people have fond memories of riding horses as a child and even into adulthood. I had two mildly frightening experiences on horses when I was young and they have left me a little gun-shy of getting on one again. My husband, however, loves riding and is determined to take me riding one day. 


Having a passion for horses is not something that often just goes away, no matter your age. Once a horse lover, always a horse lover! 


 When Mari Riggs mother turned 102 years old she wanted nothing more than to go and see the horses. She had always been a horsewoman and missed that passion in her life. Before long, Grandma Riggs had abandoned the walker and was getting help carefully climbing onto the horse! Watch her epic birthday ride below. 

Aww, wasn't that great to see her birthday wish fulfilled? If I live to 102 years old, I hope that I am as agile and ambitious as she was. 

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