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Amelia, Too Old And Too Tired To Try Any More, Cowered Under A Car - Just Then, She Looked Up And Saw A Tiny Glimmer Of Hope

October 08, 2018

No dog is too small, too disabled, or too old. No matter the individual circumstance, no matter how dark things seem, every one of God's creatures deserves a second chance at life. This gorgeous German Shepherd had to be coerced with food to come out of her sanctuary but, once she did, she realized that it was the best decision she ever made! In a matter of a few hours, she would discover that her life would never be the same. 

On this particular day, Hope for Paws animal rescue receives a report of an elderly German Shepherd roaming the streets of Los Angeles, California. Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws and Lisa Arturo, an animal advocate who works closely with Eldad and his wife, Audrey, answer the call.

When they arrive on the scene they discover the sweet pup cowering under a vehicle, too frightened to venture forth to even search for food. There's no telling how long she has been alone, but once Lisa offers the sweetie some irresistible bites of hamburger, she relents and peeks her nose - and her mouth - from beneath her shady hiding place.

Little by little, the canine makes her way closer and closer to her future savior. There must be something about the gentleness and relaxed nature of the woman that gives the dog confidence that there is no danger. As the bites of burger move farther and farther away from her, the pup courageously and eagerly follows the trail to satisfy her hungry tummy. 

Once the pup emerges completely from underneath the car, Lisa gingerly stands up and begins to move in the direction she wants the dog to go, hoping the cute canine is still hungry enough to follow.

Sure enough, that's exactly what happens! Dropping morsels every few yards, Lisa leads the three -"person" procession to a nearby location that will be perfect for keeping the dog from getting away. That way, she and Eldad will be able to, eventually, apprehend the sweet senior and begin taking care of her.

As Lisa makes her way through the gate of a fenced-in area, she glances back and sees that her "shadow" is still right behind her. Once the two pass through the gate, Eldad slowly follows and slides the gate shut. Now, even if the canine decides to run, she will be contained within the perimeter of the enclosure.

But she does not run! Instead, she chooses to stay right at the heels of the source of her delicious midday snack. The next step will be to gently ensnare the stray senior by using a "Lucky Leash." Although the bright-colored strap piques the pup's curiosity, she soon turns her attention back to the location of the next serving of burger. As the doggy leans in to grab a bite, Lisa is able to lightly loop the leash around the dog's neck.

We're amazed at how gentle and compliant this sweet girl is; there is never any sign of aggression or fear through the entire process. The pup is rewarded with a few soothing caresses on the head, and then it is time to head to the car.

At the car, Eldad firmly yet lovingly wraps his arms around the furry friend and carefully lifts her into the waiting vehicle for a cozy ride to her new life. The first stop will be the animal hospital so she can be examined for any medical concerns.

With that important errand out of the way, Amelia, which they quickly named her, was on her way to her new foster home.

When she arrives, Amelia wastes no time in finding new friends; her new buddies include not only the canine variety but also a few pigs and goats, to boot. You can bet she would never have had pig and goat friends had she stayed on the streets of Los Angeles!! 

Amelia's new environment is the perfect retirement home for this elderly pup, and she is sure to live out her days in comfort, peace, security, and love - especially love!!

Now Amelia's days are filled with leisurely walks with her pals, playtimes in the yard, and plenty of good, delicious food. And I wouldn't be surprised if there is a hamburger or two in this darling doggy's future. After all, it was one little burger that led her to her new home and life - and that deserves to be acknowledged.

We are so happy that Amelia was brought to Hope for Paws and has a safe and loving foster home where she will be cherished and cared for until her forever family finds her and takes her home.

This amazing story reminds us that all it takes is the compassion and determination of one solitary human being - who has a heart for creatures that cannot fend for themselves - to send a four-legged fur-friend down a new path, one that leads to a fuller, richer life that is overflowing with happiness, security, and love.

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