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American Idol Star’s Son Born Only Seconds From Tragic Mishap After He Was Delivered With Life-Threatening Complications

May 07, 2018

Jordin Sparks is a singer, songwriter, and actress who won American Idol in 2006. At just 17 years old, the superstar rose to fame with her unstoppable voice. Since entering the entertainment world, Jordin has captured the hearts of millions with her adored personality and remarkable talents.

In 2017, Jordan married Dana Isaiah. The two were thrilled to learn that they were expecting a baby only one month into marriage. Quickly, the couple began the preparations for their first son with absolute excitement.

Jordin and Dana were thrilled to be expecting their son in early May. Just as planned, Jordin went into labor on May 2nd at a birthing center in Los Angeles. Only a couple hours after Jordin went into labor, things took a tragic turn…

As her son was arriving, the midwife noticed that the baby was tragically being strangled by his own umbilical cord. The midwife and her team jumped in an effort to keep Jordin calm while she continued to deliver her son.

As soon as the baby was delivered, the team realized that the umbilical cord was not just loosely wrapped around the baby’s neck, but rather it was wrapped twice around the baby’s neck.

During her son’s first few moments of life, Jordin shared that her son didn’t make a sound. Jordin admitted that she was scared but that she didn’t see anything or hear anything so her and her husband just looked at each other with fear.

Jordin shared that the midwife knew exactly what to do. She shared, “He said it almost looked like a scarf — it was wrapped around his neck and body,” the singer continued, adding that while her husband was holding their newborn son, the midwife “got the umbilical cord off really quickly.”

Immediately after untangling the newborn, he took his first breath! That’s when the new mom held her baby boy for the first time.

Jordin shared that once her son was breathing and the midwife untangled him, she shared the most sentimental statement about her newborn: “It was just this incredibly miraculous, beautiful moment that I don’t know could ever be duplicated or replicated. Like you see it in movies, how emotional people get, but until you are actually sitting there it’s beyond anything I’ve ever felt in my life.”

The baby and new mother are reported to be doing quite well. Jordin is so grateful that her baby boy is healthy and happy, and she is eternally grateful to the midwife that assisted her son.

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