An Extraordinary Horse Rescue During The Devastating Aftermath Of Hurricane Harvey!

August 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has been absolutely devastating to thousands of people and animals. So many individuals have been trapped, lost, or completely stranded; it’s been extremely heartbreaking. Yet, in times of complete disaster, everyone has two options: either allow the situation to overtake you or do the complete opposite and join forces with those around you. By serving and not giving up, you can work together to tackle the many challenges in front of you. This rescue is a wonderful example of how, when people come together, they are all made stronger. United, we can accomplish so much more than by being a lone ranger.

Trapped in rising waters, surrounded by trees, this horse is stuck with no idea how to escape the situation at hand. As the current gets stronger and stronger, her fear grows, leaving her unable to move. Thankfully, rescuers arrive on the scene and quickly assess the situation. Putting their lives at stake and hoping to not scare the horse in the process, these brave souls, slowly and cautiously, wade through the high water toward the horse. As they successfully make their way to the horse’s side, one of the rescuers gently strokes the side of her neck, hoping to win her trust in the process. Slowly, the man removes a rope from his side pouch and calmly lassoes it around the horse’s neck. Through the high waters and fast moving current, the rescuer leads the horse toward higher ground. One slip would cause the rescuer to fall and the horse to panic. With steady, solid steps, he guides the horse to safety and immediately rewards the horse with some yummy green grass.

The rescue is over and everyone is safe and sound. They risked their lives for another and, by everyone pulling together, they became stronger. They became heroes by accomplishing a very difficult task that would have been next to impossible to take on as a lone ranger.

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