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Divorced 20 Years, Is This Royal Pair Ready To Say ‘I Do’ Again? New Signs Give Hope To Hopeless Romantics Rooting For Andrew And ‘Fergie’

July 17, 2018

We all love a happy ending, and when the couple involved are members of the beloved British Royal Family, interest in the signs of such a development bring us untolled delight. When Prince Andrew and wife, Sarah Ferguson, or ‘Fergie’ as she is affectionately called, divorced in 1996, no one had any idea that their ‘ending’ was really a beginning of sorts.

A beginning of a new way of parenting, and an unorthodox transformation of the classic fairy tale in which the prince and princess live happily ever after.

The Duke and Duchess of York had ten years of marriage before the couple called it quits, but new revelations point to the sad truth that neither of them wanted a divorce, but had to “because of the circumstances.”

Those circumstances were, presumably, photographic evidence of her dalliance with another man. The scandal was, evidently, too much for the Royal Family to handle at the time, so the couple was pushed toward divorce.

Once the Queen Mother died, the couple began living together again, ostensibly in order to make parenting of their two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, more normalized. And in recent years, Fergie has been seen at more and more royal events, with the Queen herself even making overtures toward her former daughter-in-law.

The thaw has been slow, but sure. This year marked the first time the Duchess of York has received an invitation to the Queen’s viewing stand at Royal Ascot and the photos reveal a warm, relaxed friendship between the two.

Now, with Princess Eugenie’s October 12th wedding to vintner Jack Brooksbank looming, speculation is rising over the possibility of the bride’s parents following suit. Only time will tell if the romantic atmosphere of a royal wedding - especially that of one of their daughters - will be the nudge the couple needs to push them over the edge toward matrimony.

”Princess Eugenie's wedding will, if you like, be a final test," says a courtier. "A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the Duke and Duchess of York divorced. Her Majesty did see the Duchess' point of view and has always had a soft spot for her."

One thing is for sure, Prince Philip, 97, Andrew’s father is dead-set against the notion of Sarah reentering the family, but time will solve that problem, as well. Patience, which the two have proven that they have in abundance, will be their friend.

We can’t wait to see the rest of the story unfold. Can you?

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