Animal Shelter Makes Clever Online Dating Profile For Dog Who Was Struggling To Find His Forever Home

February 08, 2018

Sometimes, finding a forever home can be difficult for an animal in a shelter. Often times, people come in searching for a specific pet in mind and, if you don’t happen to fit any of their criteria, you can tend to get overlooked.

At an animal shelter in Columbus, Georgia, one dog was continually passed by. His name was Henry and he had a heart of absolute gold. The workers knew how much potential he had and wanted him to find a family that would love him unconditionally.

Shelter worker Miranda Morrison favored him quite a bit. “He is my favorite dog and I just wanted to do something to help him get adopted,” she said in an interview. How she attempted to help him get adopted was the best part of all!

She decided to take a rather unconventional approach to finding a home for the three-year-old sweetheart by creating him a dating profile on the popular app, Tinder. “He’s a very active boy. He likes to go out, get out there, so I thought his ideal match might be a younger person. So I thought, ‘Okay, 20s and 30s, that’s my demographic.’ I thought Tinder would be a good outlet to try to meet people in their 20s and 30s,” Morrison said.

Her hope was that the match would set up a doggy date where the shelter allows a person with a valid I.D. to “check him out” for the day to see if they would make a suitable match. While her method might be quite unconventional, you can’t blame her for thinking outside the box to help her canine friend find a family. Check out the video, below, to learn more about this sweet pooch.

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