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Another Bump In The Road For Prince Harry As Royal Wedding Looms. Will Meghan Or The Queen Have The Final Say?

March 29, 2018

All anyone ever talks about when a wedding is being planned is, "What will the bride be wearing?" With the rapidly approaching nuptials between Prince Harry of the U.K. and American Meghan Markle, this is undoubtedly true!

In fact, with recent revelations about Meghan Markle's choice of designer for her bridal gown, the last thing on anyone's mind is what the groom will be wearing. But, as you might guess, when you're talking about the Royal family, there are all sorts of different rules and protocols that must be considered and, believe it or not, the groom's clothing for the big day actually matters!

So, what are Harry's choices? Well, he can go one of two ways. He can deck himself out in full military garb, in his case it would be the uniform of Captain General Royal Marines, a rank bestowed upon him by his grandmother, the Queen, last December.

If he chooses this attire, he will be following in big brother William's footsteps when he married Kate Middleton in 2011. So, why wouldn't he choose this option?

The difference being the venue for the wedding. In holding the ceremony at Windsor Castle, the couple will not be held to all the pomp and formality of The Duke of Cambridge's wedding which was held at Westminster Abbey.

St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle location would lend itself very well to more traditional garb such as the classic morning dress, which would sit very well with Harry's more laid-back personality.

And with Meghan likely to choose a dress in keeping with the "California-Casual" style she is so fond of, a military uniform might seem awkwardly out-of-place.

No matter what the groom chooses, we are certain that he will be every bit a dashing figure and will light up his bride's eyes when she sees him for the first time on their big day.

Until then, we can speculate all we want but, if we've learned anything so far as we watch the wedding plans unfold, this couple is prone to doing things their own way.

And unless the Queen steps in and decides for them, what they choose to wear down the aisle on May 19th is guaranteed to be more of the same.

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