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Apollo’s Nose And Mouth Were Cut Off. After Multiple Reconstructive Surgeries, He’s Now Healthy And Loved

November 06, 2017

Apollo is a gorgeous black-and-white Pit Bull-type dog living with his doting owners and canine siblings in Texas. Apollo loves to lounge around, relaxing and enjoying his free time whenever he can. One of his favorite things to do, though, is to chew on his toy animals, creating huge messes with stuffing scattered to-and-fro around the house!

Apollo’s name was chosen very carefully, as Apollo was the Greek god of medicine and protector from evil. Apollo was named that as a result of all he’d endured, and in hopes that he’d never have to suffer again. The true horrors of all that Apollo endured are impossible to know, but what we do know is enough to break our hearts.

Apollo’s tale, as we know it, began on January 21, 2015, in Houston Texas. “All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise” of Houston, Texas, or ADORE as it is known, heard of a dog at a construction site that was in desperate need of help, and sent one of their volunteers, Brittany Faske, to go out and save him when he needed it the most. When she arrived, she quickly spotted Apollo hidden in the bushes and among the trash.

When Faske finally got a good look at Apollo, her heart dropped, and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Most of Apollo’s nose and mouth were missing completely, and bones were protruding from his skin. Although the original sight of Apollo was enough to break her heart, what made it a million times worse was the smell of the infected skin.

Faske immediately loaded Apollo into the car and raced him to the vet. His wounds were so bad that she didn’t think he’d survive his injuries, but she wanted to at least give him the chance to be loved and cared for before passing away. When they got him to the veterinarian, they realized something horrible. The wound was a clear line, obviously the result of a knife.

Apollo refused to give up on life, even after all he’d been through. This sweet, amazing dog healed-up from his injuries and underwent reconstructive surgery. They also discovered that Apollo was heartworm-positive, and they doubted he would be able to survive everything. They vowed to never give up on him, as long as he refused to give up on himself.

After Apollo healed from his wounds, Faske knew that she was meant to be his forever home. But first, he had to meet her two male dogs to make sure they’d get along. It was love at first sight for the three dogs, and they immediately bonded. Ever since the adoption was finalized, his life has been amazing. Apollo loves to play balls with his family and fur-siblings, watching TV with his family, and going on long walks! Although Apollo had a horrible start to his life, he has never let it turn him against people or make him bitter. That’s a lesson we all could use help learning.

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