Are Animals Aware Of Your Absence? You'll Find Out! Watch This Horse As He Runs To His Owner To Be Reunited After Being Away For Three Weeks!

August 01, 2017


As humans are we aware that animals see the sun rise and set in their owners eyes.  When a bond develops between a human and animal it’s unexplainable.    Through the relationship that grows there’s mutual respect and trust without even saying one word.   We’re able to find a common ground and mutually express the love we have for each other through time spent together and kind affection.

 What us as humans very rarely think about (through the building of the relationship with our animals) is being in the animals shoes when we leave for a day, extended trip and the impact it has on our animals.  They have no idea when we’ll return and we have no way of communicating when the reuniting will be.  No phone call can be made, voice message left and no note can be written on the fridge of plans to return.

 The question you really need to ask yourself is do they really miss us when we’re away?  You will see In this video a beautiful example of the reuniting of a horse and his owner who left on a long 3 week trip.  Documented by a friend this video shows the incredible look on the horses face when he recognizes the owner across the field.  The look of excitement, the run towards his owner and the horses kiss will melt your heart and leave you in awe.

 When you leave your animals does absence make the heart grow fonder?  Do they really miss you?  Watch this video and you’ll come up with your own conclusion.

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