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Are Prince Charles And Meghan’s Mum BFFs? Social Media Thinks So - And Is Going Wild With Speculation Over What It Means For The Future

May 24, 2018

The Royal Wedding is over now, and the momentous occasion has been relegated to the pages of history books. But we can’t help but stand back and reflect on the truly amazing event that took place on May 19th in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. A commoner - and American actress, to boot - snagged Prince Harry - the most eligible bachelor in the world - and now calls him ‘husband.’

And who would have thought that a divorced social worker/yoga instructor from Los Angeles California would have captured the hearts of the world and forged a close bond with the next King of England, Prince Charles? Well, in fairy tales., the most unlikely of scenarios often play themselves out and, in the case of Doria Ragland, mother of the bride, she is just what this storybook needed.

At first glance, the world felt sympathy for the 61-year-old Doria, as we watched her sitting alone, stoically, as her daughter walked down the aisle to meet her prince. We couldn’t help but share her bittersweet emotions as her only child pledged her life to Harry, and admired her grace and dignity as she sat there, alone, in the chapel pew.

The thoughts that must have been going through her mind as the scene unfolded around her must have been surreal, especially watching the next King of England escorting Doria’s only child - daughter Meghan - down the aisle.

Then, after all the formalities were finished, the most unreal thing happened. When the solitary mother-of-the-bride was ready to exit her seat and head outside to join the rest of the guests, the gallant Prince Charles did something that she must have never, in her wildest dreams, imagined.

The Prince of Wales, with his wife Camilla Parker Bowles on one arm, extended his hand to Doria, inviting her to walk at his side on their way out of the church. What a fabulous moment, and surely went unnoticed by everyone except the most astute observers.

Then, can you ever forget the sight of the heir to the Throne walking down the majestic stairs of St. George’s, with two lovely ladies on his arms?. It was such a kind thing for Charles to do, considering that Doria had no escort and would have most assuredly felt awkward and alone had she made the descent on her own.

The Daily Star tells it like this: “The Prince of Wales won high praise from people who spotted several subtle ways in which he made sure Doria felt at home throughout the Royal Wedding.

“In a particular instance, Charles was seen extending his hand towards Doria to escort her to watch their children sign their marriage register. And social media users couldn’t get enough of their budding friendship.


“Doria, who flew in from Los Angeles, was the only representative from her side of the family to be present at the momentous occasion. But soon upon leaving the ceremony, Doria looked visibly happier as she linked her arm with Prince Charles while walking down St George’s Church steps.

“And it clearly his efforts left a deep impression on Meghan. A source spoke to The Times about Meghan and Charles’ relationship, explaining: ‘They have spent a lot of time together. She was particularly touched by the welcome that the Prince of Wales provided to her mother. It was really lovely. The Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall were incredibly warm towards her.”

Meghan was seen chatting and laughing with Prince Charles and Camilla on Tuesday, as they marked his 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration at Buckingham Palace. We look forward to watching this budding friendship blossom in the future. Who knows? Maybe Doria will end up in London with her daughter, then we’ll be sure to catch glimpses of the two ‘BFFs’ together often!

To look back at the big day and see the ways in which the wedding broke with royal tradition, watch the video, below.


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